C6 Texas Style Vol. 2 by Herb Steiner

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C6th Texas Style Vol. 2 by Herb Steiner

Harb Steiner has assembled another selection of tunes for the C6 tuning that are accepted by most players in The Lone Star State as being standards for the repertoire of country and swing dance bands.

This course utilizes only the 3 basic pedals (5, 6, and 7) and the knee lever, both singly and in combination.  It concentrates on chord melody using the essential 3-string grips, with an approach of basic chord substitution.  Chord substitution on the C6, which centers predominantly on using minor chords to sub for related major chords, and minor seventh and diminished chords to sub for dominant (b7 based) chords, is essential for understanding the C6 tuning. The same principles apply for the E9, in fact, and many of these same substitutions are already familiar to E9 players. Only the grips and the pedal changes are, at first glance, different.

Fear not, oh y'all of little faith! The course, like Herb's C6 Texas Style Vol. 1, is very accessible and is designed for the experienced beginner through intermediate level playing. Even those amongst us who are advanced on the E9 tuning may benefit from the material in these courses.

As with Herb Steiner's previous works, the course includes a CD and a book of tablature. On the CD he plays a solo to a BIAB backing track, and the backing track follows without steel so that you can play the solo yourselves. The tablature is his solo, note-for-note, clearly printed.

  1. Bubbles In My Beer (D), entire song and tag 
  2. Your Cheating Heart (C), intro, entire song, and tag 
  3. Blue Spanish Eyes (G), intro, entire song, and tag 
  4. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (Eb), intro, entire song, and tag 
  5. I Love You Because (C), entire song (similar to Curley Chalker's version) 
  6. Walking After Midnight (Bb) intro, entire song, and tag 
  7. Panhandle Rag (E) intro, entire song, improv solo, and tag

Tab book plus CD with steel and rhythm tracks

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