John Pearse "Long John" Pedal Steel Thermo-Cryonic Tone Bar

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John Pearse LONG JOHNTM Thermo-Cryonic Pedal Steel Tone Bar

This 15/16" tone bar is the size and weight that pedal steel legend John Hughey prefered. If a standard 7/8" bar feels a bit too light in your hand, or if you find yourself pushing down too hard, then this is the bar for you.  It's also a 3/8" longer than the standard bar - great for 12 string players!


Diameter: 15/16"

Length: 3 1/2"

Weight: 10.1 oz.

"A totally new kind of tone bar. Carved from an ingot of highest quality 440 stainless steel, each bar is heat treated to 60 Rockwell hardness before being cryogenically frozen to -300 degrees to remove all construction stresses. Experience unbelieveable sustain!"

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