There has been some confusion about accounts here at the Steel Guitar Forum Store. I will try to explain...

  • This web server is totally detached from the Forum server.
  • Your SGF membership username and password are not recognized by the Forum Store. 
  • They are two entirely separate systems.

To order from this store, you can either create an account here or you can go through the checkout as a 'Guest'. Either way should work.

Regarding passwords: This system asks for your email address to look up your account, and a password for your account. It is not asking for your email password!  When you create your account here, you should use a unique password, not your email password.

It's not safe to use your email password for other accounts that you create on the internet. Don't do it. For safety's sake you should always think up a unique password when you create a new account. Write it down somewhere and keep it handy for future reference.

Thanks for shopping at the Steel Guitar Forum Store.