Forum Showcase CDs Now In Stock

Forum Showcase CDs Now In Stock

The "SGF Members Showcase MP3 CD" is now in stock and shipping.  I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. 

People need to be aware that this is NOT a standard audio CD. By using the MP3 data format, I was able to put 50 songs on a single CD.  That's nearly 3 hours of original music.  Also, there are extensive liner lotes in a PDF file on the CD.

Some CD players are MP3 compatible, and they have an MP3 logo on them somewhere. If yours isn't, you will need to use Windows Media Player, iTunes or some other music library program to burn selected tunes to audio CDs for your own use.  The MP3 format is mostly used by iPods and other pocket-sized music players, and to play music on your computer.

The variety of styles on this CD is astonding.  Unless you have very eclectic taste, you will probably want to make playlists of you favorites.  I deliberately left the "Genre" tag blank on all of the songs.  You can set this as you see fit.  In my own iTunes library, I set all steel guitar instrumentals to a custom "Steel Guitar" genre, whether they are country, rock, or whatever.

My thanks to all of the artists who participated.


P.S. Here's the link to the item: SGF-Members-Showcase-MP3-CD

27th Feb 2011 b0b

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