Can You Feel It - Campbell Brothers CD

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  • Can You Feel It - Campbell Brothers CD
  • Can You Feel It - Campbell Brothers CD


"Can You Feel It? "

Here's music to get you on your feet, clapping and shouting. Produced by John Medeski in 2005, this is the Campbell Brothers' first release on the Ropeadope label. They've added a bass player (Malcolm Kirby) and Medeski sat in on organ for a few of the tracks.

I'm a huge fan of Sacred Steel music, and nobody does it better than the Campbells, in my opinion. This CD is their most professional to date. It captures the grooves of their live shows, but with the high production values of Medeski's studio chops.

  1. Frammin'
  2. The Judgement
  3. Good All The Time
  4. A Change Is Gonna Come
  5. Power Lord
  6. Rally Time
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
  9. Don't Let The Devil Ride
  10. Native Praise
  11. No Mo' One Mo'
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