D13th Universal Tuning

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  • Packaged at The Steel Guitar Forum for a small but growing group of steel guitarists.
  • The nickel wound strings are GHS "Boomers", a very popular alloy among steel guitarists..
  • The plain strings, made by GHS, are cryogenically treated for a bright, stable tone.


D13th Universal 12-String Custom Set

Johnny Cox developed the D13th copedent as a universal with all of the changes from a standard double neck D-10. The E9th tuning is lowered to D9th, and the C6th tuning is raised to D6th. This gives both a common root note: D.

The basic idea can be adapted to most standard U-12 pedal steels as shown below. The Right Knee Right lever lowers the 10th and 11th strings to get the bass note inversions of the C6th tuning. We package the strings from singles here at The Steel Guitar Forum to support a small but growing list of enthusiasts.

  1. E  .014
  2. C# .017
  3. F# .013
  4. D  .015
  5. B  .018
  6. A  .020p
  7. F# .026w
  8. E  .030
  9. D  .034
  10. C  .040
  11. A  .046
  12. D  .060




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