D'Addario DIY Instrument Cable - BY THE FOOT

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D'Addario DIY Instrument Cable BY THE FOOT

This is the cable you need for the D'Addario/Planet Waves solderless plugs. Low capacitance cable design transmits full harmonic detail with the utmost transparency. It lies flat on the stage, and is also ideal for short runs in effects pedal boards.

  • Cut with wire cutters or utility knife.
  • Designed for use with D'Addario DIY instrument plugs
  • 22 gauge oxygen-free copper ensures optimal signal transfer
  • Low capacitance cable construction for enhanced transparency
  • 95" braided shield rejects outside interference
  • precut to your length

In the "Quantity" box, indicate how long your cable should be, in feet. We'll cut that length and send it to you.

If you don't have the D'Addario cable cutter, you can cut this cable with your trusty wire cutters or a sharp utility knife. Be sure to cut straight across so that the cable will seat well in the solderless plug.



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