D'Addario NYXL E9th Medium 12-38 for Pedal Steel (10 string set)


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Product Overview

D'Addario NYXL E9th Medium 12-38

D’Addario has extended their premium line of NYXL Electric Guitar strings to include two new sets for pedal steel guitar.

NYXL strings are world-renowned for improved tuning stability, increased break resistance, and exceptional resilience to repeated pitch bending, all of which are important particularly to pedal steel players. D’Addario’s NYXL pedal steel strings feature their exclusive New York manufactured, high carbon plain steel cores and nickel plated steel wrap wire for improved strength and ideal tone.

The NYXL Custom Medium Gauge Pedal Steel Set (NYXL1238PS) is comprised of gauges preferred by Nashville recording ace Paul Franklin, Jr.  The 3rd, 4th and 5th strings are heavier and the 7th string is lighter (Franklin raises his middle F# a full step to G#).

  1. F#   .013p
  2. D#  .015p
  3. G#  .012p
  4. E     .015p
  5. B     .018p
  6. G#  .020p
  7. F#   .024w
  8. E     .030w
  9. D     .034w
  10. B     .038w