Dunlop 926 Lap Dawg Tone Bar

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  • Dunlop 926 Lap Dawg Tone Bar
  • Dunlop 926 Lap Dawg Tone Bar


Dunlop #926 Lap Dawg Tone Bar

Like Dunlop's 925 tone bar, this small, ergonomically designed guitar tone bar fits the three primary playing fingers. Patterned after the Stevens bar, this style is often used by country dobro and blues lap steel players who lift the bar often for hammer-on and pull-off effects.

Made of chromed brass, this unusual tone bar features a larger radius for added sustain and vibrato, a re-designed body for a more comfortable grip, and new side angles.

The bar is smal; - just 2 3/4" long and weighs just 5.25 oz.  Made for speed and comfort!

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