E9th Stainless (wound 6th)

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GHS Stainless E9th with wound 6th, for Stage One and similar pedal steels

This set is specifically made for the popular Stage One pedal steel, but it also works well on other guitars that require a wound 6th string, including Carter Starter and Sho~Bud Maverick. These are the same "Super Steel" stainless GHS alloys available elsewhere in this catalog, but assembled in slightly different gauges for pull-release instruments. In addition to the wound G#, strings 1, 3, 6 and 10 are heavier than the GHS Super Steel E9th set.

  1.  F# .013
  2.  D# .015
  3.  G# .0115
  4.  E  .014
  5.  B  .017
  6.  G# .022 (wound)
  7.  F# .026
  8.  E  .030
  9.  D  .034
  10. B  .038




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