GHS Sub-Zero™ Boomers® (Cryogenic) Roundwound Singles (Gauges CR-DY22 - CR-DY54)

GHS Strings

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GHS Cryogenic Sub-Zero™ Boomers® Roundwound Strings

Gauges CR-DY22 to CR-DY50

These strings are similar to those used in the GHS nickel pedal steel (E9 and C6th) sets, and in the popular lap steel sets.  The difference is the cryogenic treatment that extends string life and enhances tone. The strings are individually sealed in nitrogen to defeat corrosion on the shelf.

GHS also markets these strings to guitar players as "Sub-Zero™ Boomers®". These are great steel guitar strings. They have the classic nickel tone, but they stay alive longer with more sparkle thanks to the cryogenic freezing process.

From the GHS Strings website:  Max out your Boomers® experience with our Sub-Zero™ Boomers® series. GHS Sub-Zero™ Boomers® are Cryogenically treated in a computerized system with liquid nitrogen, taking them down to a temperature of minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and then gradually restoring them to room temperature. This treatment improves the dimensional stability of the strings, keeping them in tune, while increasing resistance to corrosion.