James Chu CD Evergreen Song

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"Evergreen Song" by James Chu

"Evergreen Song"

This two CD set of popular Mandarin music demonstrates James Chu's versatility on the modern Hawaiian guitar. Even though I'm not familiar with the songs, the full orchestration and James' melodic approach to the instrument make a very enjoyable listening experience.

The song list on the package cover is in Chinese. James has provided these English translations of the song titles.

CD 1:

  1. The River Side of Suzhou
  2. Speechless
  3. The scent of woman
  4. When will you come back again?
  5. Under the Shade
  6. The love betrayor
  7. Goodbye my love
  8. Another glass
  9. Who is the soul mate?
  10. The tale of the walled city
  11. Tears in the rain
  12. The moon knows my heart
  13. A soft dream
CD 2:
  1. Cherish the night
  2. The southern castle bell
  3. In the rain
  4. Love you ten thousand years
  5. He who fights can win
  6. Softhearted
  7. The wind
  8. The pearl of the orient
  9. Toast
  10. Save for the last night
  11. The silence is gold
  12. Who will know me?
  13. The debt of the heart

About James Chu:


James Chu learned to play Hawaiian steel guitar music with the Indonesian Maluku Island people in the 1960's. Since then, his love for steel guitar music has become a deep-rooted part of his life.

Today James lives in Hong Kong, where he continues to perform with a small combo playing popular western, Hawaiian and Mandarin songs. His goal is to inspire young people to take up the instrument. James is perhaps the only steel guitar ambassador in his part of the world.


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