Jimmy Hawton - Blue Coral

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"Blue Coral"
Aikanes (for my friends)

It's finished at last. For years my friends have asked me to record an album. Now I have! I have tried my very best to create the quality and ambiance of my musical repertoire heard at my performances.

I have been playing Hawaiian music since 1939. My goal is to create, through my music, an avenue to share my love of the instrument with my friends. Encouraged by them, I decided to produce this recording and dedicate it to their long-term support.

No, this isn't a new recording. However it's 1998 and people are asking for compact disks.

Gather your senses of mind and soul and enjoy!


This is a wonderfully relaxing CD. Jimmy's finesse stems from his lifelong love of the Hawaiian steel guitar and Hawaiian music. The accompaniment is traditional ukulele and bass, and Jimmy often double-tracks his steel to provide the sense of a steel guitar duet. Very pretty!

-Bobby Lee

  1. Na Lani
  2. Medley:
    • Pa Mai
    • Hoki Mai
    • Tahi Nei Taru Kino
  3. Blue Coral
  4. Wabash Blues
  5. Medley:
    • One Rose
    • Springtime in the Rockies
  6. Hula Lady
  7. Sand
  8. Little Coquette
  9. Rhythm of the Islands
  10. Medley:
    • Little Brown Gal
    • Drifting and Dreaming
    • Hula Oni Oni Ea
  11. Medley:
    • Sea Breeze
    • Love Letters in the Sand
  12. Red Sails
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