Nickel Kluson Inline Tuners

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Original Nickel Finish Kluson Tuners - 4 per side for Fender Stringmaster

Back from the golden age of lap steel guitar, Kluson has revived the 4 per plate tuners used on the Fender Stringmasters and many others. These are exact reproductions and will retrofit your original Stringmaster tuner tray like it was made for it (it was!). Not only are these tuners made in the original nickel finish, they are also available in chrome and gold.

Important Specs and Dimensions:

  • Post to Post spacing = 1 inch (25.4mm)
  • Gear Ratio = 15:1
  • String Post type = Horizontal
  • Overall Post length = 1 inch
  • String through hole location = 9/16 in. from baseplate
  • No mounting screw holes on plate
  • Overall plate length = 3 63/64 in. (101.3mm)
  • Made to partner with steel Stringmaster tray

A customer with a Fender 400 pedal steel (not a Fender Stringmaster) cautions that some woodworking is necessary to use this product with that model:

Specifically, I wanted to say something about the replacement Kluson Tuning Machines that I just bought for my Fender 400 Short-scale. The product description which I assume is lifted straight from the factory literature states that they are an ´exact reproductions´ replacement. They are not. The ones that I received are a perfect fit in the tray, but they are 1/16¨ thicker and 1/32¨ longer than the originals. That may not sound like much, but it is enough that I had to enlarge the tuner tray cavity in the guitar for them to fit. I have the experience and the tools to do the job, but for someone else expecting an ´exact replacement´, it might prove to be a challenge. Care must be taken not to over-enlarge the cavity until it is wider or longer than the tray which would leave a gap and the need for another repair. I would like to pass the word on to other future buyers to avoid possible confusion or disappointment.

I want to be clear that now that the repair and replacement is done, I am completely satisfied with the product and results. This is not a complaint, I just want potential buyers to be aware of what they are getting into.


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