Pedal Steel Workstand

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  • The prototype on a cluttered workbench
  • 2017 Sierra S-10 on the workstand
  • MSA D-10 Classic on the workstand (photo by Al Evans)
  • Carter D-10 on the workstand
  • Technician's view
  • Extends to 11 inches between supports.
  • easy to assemble

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Pedal Steel Workstand

If you own a pedal steel, sooner or later you're going to have to turn it over to make an adjustment, fix something, or even change your whole copedent. Designed and manufactured by Ross Shafer, this handy professional-grade pedal steel workstand allows easy access to the tuners, changer and strings while working on the underside of your instrument. Simple assembly required (4 bolts).

The pictures show the original prototype unit. Since then, we have added rubber feet for stability and 4 more felt strips to further protect your guitar's finish. Also, the lettering on the prototype was painted black. It's now routed into the wood but not painted.

Every pedal steel player should own one of these.


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