A Dozen C6th Intros and Solos by Jim Loessberg

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Talk CD With Tablature

Capture that real western swing sound of the back neck with lessons from a Texan master.

  1. Big Mamou (Solo)
  2. Bubbles In My Beer (Intro)
  3. Bubbles In My Beer (Solo)
  4. Home In San Antone (Solo)
  5. I Can't See Texas From Here (Intro & Turnaround)
  6. I Can't See Texas From Here (Solo)
  7. I Was Sorta' Wonderin' (Solo)
  8. Mama Was The Rose Of San Antone (Solo)
  9. Roly Poly (Intro)
  10. Roly Poly (Solo)
  11. Walking On New Grass (Solo)
  12. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone (Solo)

12 audio lessons with 10 page tab book

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