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  • Bruce Kaphan CD Slider
  • Bruce Kaphan CD Slider


"Slider" by Bruce Kaphan

Modern music fans recognize Bruce Kaphan's name from his work with American Music Club, Chris Isaak, REM, Black Crowes, John Lee Hooker and David Byrne. It's a rare treat to get an instrumental album from such an accomplished sideman. This collection of instrumental "new age" music was recorded for the prestigious Hearts Of Space label, and its tone is consistent with the sound of their popular radio show.

The tunes are dreamy, multi-layered steel tracks, dripping with echoes and punctuated with diamond edges. Bruce Kaphan combines his D-10, the recording studio, and a few tasty acoustic instruments to create beautiful ambient tapestries. This CD is on the leading edge of steel guitar art music. It's one of my personal favorites. 

Update July 2005: It was out of print for a while, but Bruce has now obtained rights to this CD and reissued it with his own cover (pictured).

  1. clouds
  2. country & eastern
  3. high desert
  4. big brain small brain
  5. sideways carousel
  6. outpost
  7. arc of flight
  8. homage (pour la grande fromage)
  9. undeserved ending
  10. shinn pond

reviewed by Bobby Lee

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