E9 By Request Vol. 2 by Herb Steiner

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E9 By Request, Vol. 2 by Herb Steiner

With this newest course, Herb again answers the requests of many steel players who’ve asked for arrangements of some of their favorite songs. As with his previous courses, the package includes a CD of Herb playing the solo to a rhythm track, followed by the rhythm track without steel so that the player can use the same backup. Of course, it also includes a book containing the tab for all the solos.

The songs included, and the keys, are:

  1. A Thing Called Sadness… key of E, entire song
  2. Canadian Sunset… key of F, entire song
  3. Under The Double Eagle… keys of C and F, entire song
  4. From A Jack To A King… key of Bb, intro, entire song, turnaround
  5. In The Chapel In The Moonlight… key of A, intro, entire song, turnaround
  6. Leavin’ On Your Mind… key of G, intro, entire song, turnaround
  7. Lonesome 7-7203… key of C, intro, entire song, turnaround
  8. Release Me… key of G, intro, 2 choruses, turnaround
  9. Waltz You Saved For Me… key of D, two entire choruses

Tab book plus CD with steel and rhythm tracks

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