Elizabeth West CD Wild Child

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  • Elizabeth West CD Wild Child
  • Elizabeth West CD Wild Child


"Wild Child" by Elizabeth West

Real country steel guitar is alive and well in British Columbia, Canada! Forum member Elizabeth West wrote a eleven pedal steel instrumentals, then colaborated with studio wizard Don Thompson to record them with a dynamite band. Sho-Bud fans will appreciate the woody tone of Elizabeth's Super Pro-II guitar. Her songs, style and talent bring out that sound we love to hear.

Also included is one vocal tune, "Lost Soldiers" - a tribute to those who fought and died for our freedom. Elizabeth wrote, sang and played steel on this tune, which is sure to touch your heart.

  1. Earning My Keep
  2. Real Tears
  3. Let's Dance
  4. Chief Silver Heels
  5. This Time It Hurts But Good
  6. Dasha Polka
  7. Wild Child
  8. I Was Only Dreaming
  9. Tired Of Your World
  10. What Were We Thinking?
  11. Hunting Spuzzum Sasquatch
  12. Lost Soldiers

Dedicated to the memory of Jeff Newman

reviewed by Bobby Lee

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