Jerry Byrd tape Byrd of Paradise

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"Byrd of Paradise" by Jerry Byrd

Jerry Byrd recorded several beautiful Hawaiian albums of the Monument label before he left Nashville for the islands. The original LP cover of this album said:

Jerry Byrd has never been to the south sea islands, but his life reflects an over-whelming passion for polynesian culture. He reads everything he can find about polynesian lore and history. He serves polynesian food in his polynesian home. He writes polynesian songs. He is a pioneer of the Hawaiian steel guitar, which is why we have named this great album Byrd of Paradise.

This cassette is "new old stock" from Tom Bradshaw's PSG Products label.

Side 1

  1. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  2. Bird of Paradise
  3. Lei Aloha, Lei Makama
  4. Evening in the Islands
  5. Beautiful Kahana
  6. Beyond the Reef

Side 2

  1. Tangi Tahiti
  2. Rainbows Over Paradise
  3. Whispering Lullaby
  4. Serenade To Nalani
  5. Sleepy serenade
  6. Theme from "Adventures In Paradise"
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