Ornithology by Jim Loessberg

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"Ornithology" is a jazz standard by bebop alto saxophonist Charlie Parker and trumpeter Benny Harris. Its title is a reference to Parker's nickname, "Bird". The Charlie Parker Septet made the first recording of the tune on March 28, 1946 on the Dial label.

"Ornithology" is a contrafact - that is, a newly created melody written over the chord progression of another song, in this case the standard "How High the Moon". It remains one of the most popular and frequently performed bebop tunes. Jazz vocalists scatting on "How High the Moon" (notably Ella Fitzgerald) often quote the melody of "Ornithology" (and vice versa).  Notable recordings include Bud Powell's version. Vocalese "lyrics" were also created by Babs Gonzales.

This up-tempo bebop jazz tune is taught as a single-string melody by Jim Loessberg in the key of G. The basic chords and some chord substitution ideas are included.

Audio CD with printed C6th pedal steel tablature

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