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"My Voice" by Peggy green (cassette)

This is a fine country pedal steel album, well played and well mixed. Peggy Green's playing is every bit as good as her choice of material. She seems to be as comfortable playing country on the C6th as she is on E9th - several tunes were half over before I realized she was on the back neck. My favorite cut is her novel Pedabro arrangement of Tears in Heaven

Side A

  1. Tips of My Fingers
  2. I Can't Make You Love Me
  3. Missouri Break
  4. Heartache
  5. Alibis
  6. I Can't Sleep

Side B

  1. Standing Knee Deep in a River
  2. Tears in Heaven
  3. Boot Scootin Boogie
  4. Seminole Wind
  5. Old Country
  6. Simple Gifts 

reviewed by Bobby Lee

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