SGF Members Showcase MP3 CD

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  • SGF Members Showcase MP3 CD
  • SGF Members Showcase MP3 CD


50 original songs in MP3 format submitted by Steel Guitar Forum members.

01 Stu Schulman, Arctic Breeze
02 Brian McGaughey, Max's Shuffle
03 Frank Estes, Forum Blues
04 Joe Savage, Chicken Arrives L8 4 The Dance
05 Jack Stoner, Steel Guitar Waltz
06 Chuck Lettes, Randy Now
07 Michael Maddex, Shady Grove
08 Roy Thomson, My Mentor JB
09 Billy Wilson, Cherry Lyme
10 Ben Jones, Asleep in the backseat
11 Mike Headrick, Over The Moon
12 Elizabeth West, Some Kind Of Trouble
13 Bob Hoffnar, Nuchi Loops
14 Vernon Hester, Steel Guitar Jig
15 Ray Bob Bowman, TV Blues
16 Jim McGinnis, Stutterin Steel
17 Joe Goldmark, Stop 'N Go Steel
18 John Lacey, Handgliding
19 Tom Bleu Mortensen, Sinner's Waltz
20 Larry Tracy, What's Up
21 Pete Adams, First Time Out
22 Albert Svenddal, Brumley Bounce
23 Larry Bell, Ballad for J.T.
24 Dave Harmonson, The 4 M Swing
25 David Griffin, Comanche Teardrops
26 Jim Eaton, Sunset Shuffle
27 Skip Edwards, HeartBall
28 Wade Medlock, River
29 Gordon Dodson, Julian Tharpe Breakdown
30 Barry Hyman, Cloudy Winter Solstice
31 Richard Burton, Burtune
32 Paul Sutherland, El Dorado Nights
33 John McGlothlin, John This and John That
34 Patrick Sylvest, Out of the Loop
35 Mark Butcher, Not Country
36 Steve Atwood, Peaceful Winds of Hawaii
37 Bobby Lee, A Train Runs Through It
38 Rich Weiss, Circus Dementus
39 Walter Andrews, Fat Cattin'
40 Joey Ace, Love Dance of the Whales
41 Henning Kock, Steelin' In The Dark
42 Aled Jones, Crys Gorllewinol
43 Basil Henriques, Swedish Rhapsody
44 Mike Perlowin, Bourrée
45 Mark Durante, New Mark's Boogie
46 Bob Simons, Russty
47 Alan F. Brookes, OOOOOH!
48 Steve Green, Manchester Moon
49 Chris Tweed, That Tango Tangent
50 Daniel Jones, I Remember Keith

Produced by Bobby Lee, February 2011.

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