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Custom Set - SIT® A6th or C6th - 8 Strings - Plain Steel and Pure Nickel Wound

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.015, .018, .020p, .026w, .032, .036, .042, .050

Steel Guitar Forum - SIT® 8 String A6th, Pure Nickel Wound

By special arrangement with S.I.T. Strings, we have put together a pure nickel string set for non-pedal steel guitarists who long to capture the sound and feeling of the 1940's and 50's. Our A6th set is designed for that popular "high 5th" tuning used by legendary players like Noel Boggs and Herb Remington. As a bonus, the gauges in this set also work well for C6th tuning.  ~ Bobby Lee

 E        .015
C# .018 (or C)
A .020p
F# .026w (or G)
E .032
C# .036 (or C)
A .042
F# .050 (or G)
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