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Quasar Steel Guitar 20th Anniversary Re-Issue

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  • It's been 20 years!
  • The new eco-friendly friendly cardboard sleeve includes the original full-color insert and liner notes.


Quasar Steel Guitar 20th Anniversary Re-Issue

Bobby Lee recorded these tracks in 1995 at Hoffmann Studios in Occidental, California. It includes five of Bobby's original songs and five standards. A 12-string Sierra Crown series pedal steel was used (extended E9th) on all the songs except for the Hawaiian song "Sand" which was played on a Fender Stringmaster Double 8.

This re-issue was made from the original master tracks.  The packaging has been updated to a modern, eco-friendly cardboard sleeve.  An original, full-color insert is included.

  1. Sagebrush Shuffle*
  2. Steel Guitar Rag
  3. Round The Horn*
  4. Southern Sunday
  5. St. James Infirmary
  6. Alva's Occidental Melody*
  7. Steelin' the Blues
  8. I Walk Downtown*
  9. Theme Time*
  10. Sand

*written by Bobby Lee


(Note: these tunes are also available as digital downloads on

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