Skippin' Along - Elizabeth West

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"Skippin' Along" by Elizabeth West

Elizabeth West's second CD of original tunes shows her continuing growth both as a steel player and as a composer. The songs are, to my ear, more interesting than the first. They are still country, but there's more variety in the chord progressions. I especially like the title cut Skippin Along with its catchy hook.

Elizabeth's Sho-Bud is right out front in the mix, backed by a great country band. I guess I'd call this easy listening country because its great background music at work or around the house.


  1. Monumental Moments
  2. You're Not The One I Love
  3. Skippin' Along
  4. Reconstructive Steel
  5. That Ol' Muddy Spuzzum River
  6. Better Days
  7. Time's Up
  8. Nina (nine-a) May Polka
  9. Oh So Happy
  10. Friend in Tennessee
  11. Cowgirl Swing
  12. I Want My Baby Back
  13. What Is Love (instrumental)
  14. What Is Love (vocal)