Slydexic - Rick Alexander CD

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  • Slydexic - Rick Alexander CD
  • Slydexic - Rick Alexander CD


"Slydexic" by Rick Alexander

Rick Alexander played all of the instruments and wrote most of the songs on this soulful 2008 CD. His own songs show a deep understanding of folk, country and blues music.

  1. *Lurking in the Shadows (vocal - Cathe St. John)
  2. *Fifty Years Ago
  3. *Fledgling
  4. *First Flight
  5. *Leaving The Nest
  6. *The Flock
  7. Lovely Hula Hands
  8. Beyond The Reef
  9. Along The Navajo Trail
  10. Man Of Constant Sorrow

* written by Rick Alexander

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