Wine Country Swing: Live at Gaia's Garden (CD) with Bobby Lee, Hugh Harris, and Cori Wood

Bobby Lee

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Wine Country Swing "Live at Gaia's Garden"

  • Bobby Lee - 8 string pedal steel tuned to D6th
  • Hugh Harris - Gibson guitar and vocals
  • Cori Wood - guest vocalist

For several years Hugh and I played once a month at this restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA.  This live CD was recorded with a Zoom H2 in front of the bandstand, and as such it does contain some background restaurant noise.  But it was a good night - we played well and the audience responded.  Our approach shows that you don't need a big band or a lot of equipment to play good music and be entertaining!


  1. Route 66
  2. I Was Sort Of Wondering
  3. Last Date (instrumental)
  4. Cherokee (instrumental)
  5. Lost Highway
  6. Cheek To Cheek
  7. Harlem Nocturne (instrumental)
  8. On The Alamo (instrumental)
  9. Never No More Blues (featuring Cori Wood)
  10. I'm Satisfied With You (featuring Cori Wood)
  11. Caravan (instrumental)
  12. Pennies From Heaven
  13. My Little Grass Shack (instrumental)
  14. It Happened In Monterey