Wine Country Swing with Cori Wood CD

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Wine Country Swing with Cori Wood CD

  • Cori Wood - Vocals
  • Hugh Harris - Acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Bobby Lee - Pedal steel, vocals

This is a live concert of mellow music, recorded at Brookdale Windsor nursing home. Bobby Lee was playing his 2017 Sierra with the Hybrid D6th copedent, through the Milkman Half & Half. On a few songs you'll hear the Neunaber Echelon echo.  Hugh uses a looper to record rhythm guitar in real time so he can solo over it. On a few tunes he uses a prerecorded track in the looper. The recording was made with a Zoom H2 in front of the band. Cori's vocal wasn't as loud as we'd like, but with a simple recording like this there was no way to correct it.


  1. Blue Monk - instrumental
  2. Cow Cow Boogie - Cori
  3. Wild Side of Life - Bobby
  4. Blackjack County Chains - Hugh
  5. Crazy - Cori
  6. Jitterbug Waltz - instrumental
  7. Ain't Misbehavin' - Cori
  8. Smoke, Smoke, Smoke - Bobby
  9. My Blue Heaven - Hugh
  10. Never No More - Cori
  11. Slow Poke - Hugh
  12. Pipe Dreams - Cori
  13. Alva's Occidental Melody - instrumental
  14. Blues for Dixie - Hugh



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