• Wine Country Swing with Cori Wood CD

    Wine Country Swing with Cori Wood CD Cori Wood - Vocals Hugh Harris - Acoustic guitar, vocals Bobby Lee - Pedal steel, vocals This is a live concert of mellow music, recorded at Brookdale...
  • Note: stock image on package shows a Sierra guitar tuned to D6th, not D9th. String gauge listing is correct for D9th.

    D9th GHS Nickel Wound Strings


    .014 .017 .013 .015 .020 .026w .030w .034w .038w .044w D9th GHS Nickel Wound Strings Tuned a step lower than the standard E9th, the D9th tuning is ideal for Americana and rock music.  If you...
  • S.I.T. Plain Singles


    S.I.T. Plain Singles Great tone starts with great strings. S.I.T. (Stay-In-Tune) Strings was founded on a belief that a guitar string is more than just an accessory, but rather an integral part of a...
  • opened to show inside opened to show inside

    Theory and Transposing Guide


    “It’s like having Juilliard on a card!” 9" x 12" Folder From DO RE MI to the mixolydian mode, this handy music theory and transposing guide has it all, combining the Key...