• S.I.T. Plain Singles


    S.I.T. Plain Singles Great tone starts with great strings. S.I.T. (Stay-In-Tune) Strings was founded on a belief that a guitar string is more than just an accessory, but rather an integral part of a...
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    Theory and Transposing Guide


    “It’s like having Juilliard on a card!” 9" x 12" Folder From DO RE MI to the mixolydian mode, this handy music theory and transposing guide has it all, combining the Key...
  • GHS Progressive Nickel-Iron Wound Singles


    $2.00 - $2.50
    GHS "Progressives" Nickel-Iron Alloy Wound Singles GHS advertises the Progressive strings like this: "These strings will test your strength and tone, by using a combination of premium core wire and...
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    Buddy Emmons' (3 songs)

    PSG Products

    3 Buddy Emmons Songs tabbed by Fred Layman Recently discovered new old stock, this booklet was a companion product for the Steel Guitar Record Club #5 LP (out of print). Fred Layman tabbed 3 songs...
  • GHS Boomer™ Nickel Wound Singles


    $1.50 - $4.00
    GHS Boomers™ Nickel-plated Steel Wound Singles The GHS Boomers™ are the wound with the same alloy used in their popular GB-E9 and GB-C6 sets for pedal steel, and in custom shop C6th lap...
  • Dunlop Shell Thumbpicks

    Dunlop Shell Thumbpicks


    Dunlop Plastic "Tortoise Shell" Thumbpick We sell all sizes of Dunlop plastic thumbpicks. These ones have the traditional "tortoise shell" appearance.