Buddy Emmons' (3 songs)

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  • Buddy Emmons' (3 songs)
  • Tab instructions
  • C6th copedent for "Cold Rolled Steel". The pedals are used only in a 4-bar passing phrase and in the last chord.
  • E9th copedent for "Lily Dale".  "La Golondrina" is the same, but doesn't require the F lever.
  • Fred Layman's perfectly composed tab.


3 Buddy Emmons Songs tabbed by Fred Layman

Recently discovered new old stock, this booklet was a companion product for the Steel Guitar Record Club #5 LP (out of print). Fred Layman tabbed 3 songs from the disc:

  1. Cold Rolled Steel (C6th)
  2. La Golondrina (E9th)
  3. Lily Dale (E9th)



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