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SIT® Strings Scotty's E13th Semi-Flat 8-String Set

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Scotty's E13th 8-String (semi-flat wound) by S.I.T

"Starting from the late 1930's and into the 40's and 50's, a wide variety of players used this tuning. Among the most famous of these being Hall Of Fame members Speedy West, Don Helms, and Little Roy Wiggins." - Scotty

  1. G# .010
  2. E  .014
  3. C# .017
  4. B  .017
  5. G# .020p
  6. E  .030w
  7. D  .034
  8. B  .036

"This is the high pitched set used to get that "Hank Williams" sound by Don Helms. It's a precursor to the E9th pedal steel. Notice that the 3rd and 4th string are the same gauge, resulting in a matching timbre for notes that are very close in pitch. Those 2 strings became one on the E9th pedal steel." -b0b-

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