Jim Loessberg

Bebop, Etc. by Jim Loessberg (CD)

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  • Bebop, Etc. by Jim Loessberg  (CD)
  • Bebop, Etc. by Jim Loessberg  (CD)


Bebop, Etc. by Jim Loessberg (CD)

Most pedal steel guitars have two 10 string necks. Country music uses the front (E9th) neck for that familiar high, crying Nashville sound. The back (C6th) is tuned lower and has pedals that were designed for jazz. This is a C6th album! Texas steel guitar virtuoso, Jim Loessberg, plays C6th pedal steel as it was meant to be played, with big, full jazz chords and extended solos. The band consists of Jim Loessberg (steel), Spencer Starnes (bass), Kevin Hall (drums), Dave Biller (guitar), Dr. James Polk (piano) and Ephraim Owens (trumpet). Together, they cook.

  1. Sippin' At Bells
  2. The Preacher
  3. A Night In Tunisia
  4. On Green Dolphin Street
  5. Slow Boat To China
  6. Barbados
  7. Hot House
  8. East Of The Sun
  9. Thrivin' On A Riff
  10. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  11. Milestones
  12. Cherokee

Released in 2010 by Startex Records

Producers: Jim Loessberg and Spencer Starnes
Engineer: Steve Starnes
Studio: Bee Creek Studio, Spicewood Texas
Graphic Design: Don Brewer, Cowpatty Studios
Photography: Bill Hetzer

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