Bobby Lee's Custom D9th GHS Nickel Wound 10-String Set

GHS Strings

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Bobby Lee's Custom D9th GHS Nickel Wound 10-String Set

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Tuned a step lower than the standard E9th, the D9th tuning is ideal for Americana and rock music.  If you are changing from E9th, you will have to adjust the 6th string (2nd pedal) linkage for longer travel, as it uses a wound 6th string instead of plain. This D9th set, exclusive by arrangement with GHS Strings to the Steel Guitar Forum (Steel Guitar Shopper), uses GHS "Boomer" nickel wound strings for a traditional steel guitar tone. 

A typical D9th copedent is shown below. Some people would swap LKR and RKL (personal preference).


Here is a more advanced D9th for modern guitars with 4 pedals and 5 knee levers.  The changes are consistent with E9th and include the LKV, P4 and RKR changes of Johnny Cox's 12-string D13th universal tuning.