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C6th Course - Donna Lee -Jim Loessberg's Pedal Steel Course

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C6th Course -Donna Lee -Jim Loessberg's Pedal Steel Course

"Donna Lee" is a bebop jazz standard composed by Miles Davis. It was written in Ab based on the chord changes of the traditional jazz standard "(Back Home Again in) Indiana". One unusual feature of the tune is that it begins with a half-bar rest. It is a very complex, fast moving chart that utilizes a compositional style based around the usage of four note groups over each change.

Miles Davis composed the tune in 1947, his first recorded composition, although authorship is often credited to saxophonist Charlie Parker. Parker was credited on the original 78 rpm recordings, a mistake perpetuated through numerous reissues and causing early confusion. The tune was copyrighted under Parker's name. It was named after bassist Curly Russell's daughter, Donna Lee Russell, a title assigned by producer Teddy Reig.

Jim teaches the song as a single-string melody for C6th pedal steel. The basic chords and some chord substitutions are included.

30 minute audio CD course by Jim Loessberg with printed C6th tablature, rhythm tracks, and chord chart.

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