D'Addario NYXL C6th Medium for Pedal Steel 10-String Set (Gauges .012 - .070)

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  • D'Addario NYXL C6th Medium for Pedal Steel 10-String Set (Gauges .012 - .070)
  • D'Addario NYXL C6th Medium for Pedal Steel 10-String Set (Gauges .012 - .070)
  • D'Addario NYXL C6th Medium for Pedal Steel 10-String Set (Gauges .012 - .070)
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D'Addario NYXL C6th Medium 10-String Set Gauges .012 - .070

D'Addario's NYXL strings are world-renowned for improved tuning stability, increased break resistance, and exceptional resilience to repeated pitch bending, all of which are important particularly to pedal steel players. D’Addario’s NYXL pedal steel strings feature their exclusive New York manufactured, high carbon plain steel cores and nickel plated steel wrap wire for improved strength and ideal tone.

The NYXL1270PS pedal steel string set is designed for C6 Pedal Steel guitar players. This set offers the same gauge combination as preferred by players of our EPS500 string set. Our exclusive NY Steel cores and reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire provide players with better pitch stability, greater break resistance, and an ideal tone for this instrument and it's playing style.

D’Addario NYXL guitar strings will bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than any string you’ve played before. Envisioned, perfected, and manufactured by D’Addario in New York, this newly engineered, break-resistant, high-carbon steel core and plain steel alloy delivers a whole new level of freedom, confidence, and power. NYXL’s provide more strength and up to 131% greater tuning stability by utilizing a completely reinvented wire drawing process coupled with a revolutionary “fusion twist” process for the plain steels. The reformulated nickel plated string windings have greater magnetic properties resulting in higher output and enhanced mid-range frequency response for more presence and crunch.

The NYXL Custom Gauge C6th Pedal Steel Set (NYXL1270PS) is comprised of gauges preferred by Nashville recording ace Paul Franklin, Jr.


NYS017 D 0.017 in 33.65 lbs
NYS012 G 0.012 29.88
NYS014 E 0.014 28.76
NYS017 C 0.017 26.71
NYS020 A 0.020 26.14
NYS024 G 0.024 23.51
NYS030 E 0.030 28.07
NYNW036 C 0.036 23.38
NYNW042 A 0.042 21.13
NYNW054 F 0.054 21.35
NYNW070 C 0.070 20.97
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