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First Lessons Pedal Steel by Jay Leach (Book and Online Audio/Video)

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First Lessons Pedal Steel by Jay Leach (Book and Online Audio and Video)

This book is an excellent introduction to one of America's most quintessential instruments, the pedal steel. The first part of the book covers the skills required to play the instrument, including technique for the pedals and knee levers, bar control, and picking. The second half includes songs and licks that illustrate the full spectrum of the pedal steel's capabilities. Exercises and songs are presented in tablature and standard notation.  Includes access to online audio/video, including play-along tracks.

Author Jay Leach is a well-known studio musician from Los Angeles, California.

  • Section One: About the Pedal Steel
  • Tuning the Pedal Steel
  • What's Going on on Top - Picks, Bar, Hand Position
  • What's Going on Down Below - Pedals, Levers, Volume Pedal
  • Music and Tablature Explanation
  • Explanation of Floor Pedals
  • Explanation of Knee Levers
  • Pedal Combinations, How to Practice
  • Floor Pedals and PSMTs
  • Knee Leverrcises
  • Matching Minor Chords
  • The Volume Pedal
  • Pedal/Lever Muscle Memoryrcise
  • D Lever and Outside Stringrcise
  • Using Pedals and Levers Together
  • A Pedal and B Pedal Individually
  • Complete Section Review
  • Section Two: Playing the Pedal Steel
  • Basic Technique Tips - Short Slide, Vibrato, Pedal Roll
  • 3 Playing Exercises
  • Harmonized Scales
  • Partial Harmonized Scales Exercises
  • 3 Easy Intros
  • 3 Easy Endings
  • 2 Easy (but cool) Licks
  • The Sunflower Waltz
  • Tasty Ingredients
  • Steel Guitar Resources
Product Number: 22182M
Format: Book + Online Audio/Video
Skill Level: Beginning
Notation Type: Standard Notation and Tab
Pages:  68
Binding: Saddle Stitched
Size: 8.75 x 11.75
ISBN: 0-7866-8753-3
ISBN13: 978-07866-8753-4
Series:  First Lessons
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published:  4/28/2015


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