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C6th Course - On Green Dolphin Street - Jim Loessberg's Pedal Steel Course

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"On Green Dolphin Street" is a popular song written in 1947 by Bronislau Kaper with lyrics by Ned Washington. The song was composed for the film, Green Dolphin Street and became well known as a jazz standard after Miles Davis and others recorded it.  For most modern jazz musicians, the 1958 performance of “On Green Dolphin Street” by Miles Davis and his sextet (’58 Miles Featuring Stella by Starlight) provides the template for how to interpret the tune. The A-sections are generally approached with some sort of vamp (often with a Latin feel), while the contrasting sections are played with a looser swing feeling.

Jim teaches this popular, medium tempo jazz standard as a chord melody for C6th pedal steel in the key of Eb.

Audio CD course by Jim Loessberg with printed C6th pedal steel tablature.

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