Leon McAuliffe tape Anthology Vol. II

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"The Leon McAuliffe Anthology Vol. II" (cassette)

Side A

  1. Summit Ridge Drive
  2. One O'Clock Jump
  3. This Is The Southland
  4. Panhandle Waltz
  5. Twin Fiddle Rag
  6. Bouncin' Bobbie
  7. Mandy Make Up Your Mind
  8. Bootheel Drag  

Side B

  1. Goin To The Bard Dance Tonight
  2. Wait For The Wagon
  3. Sally Goodin'
  4. The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  5. Roadside Rag
  6. Bandera Waltz
  7. Downhill Drag
  8. Steel guitar Jubilee
  9. Close Shave
  10. Twin Guitar Special
  11. Leon's Boogie
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