Jim Loessberg

C6th Course - Scrapple From The Apple - Jim Loessberg's Pedal Steel Course

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'Scrapple From The Apple'  is a bebop composition by Charlie Parker written in 1947, commonly recognized today as a jazz standard, written in F major. The song borrows its chord progression from "Honeysuckle Rose", a common practice for Parker, as he based many of his successful tunes over already well-known chord changes.  While the A section is based on Honeysuckle Rose, the B section or "middle eight" features Rhythm Changes based on George Gershwin's "I GotR hythm".

Jim teaches this medium/up-tempo bebop jazz standard as a single-string melody. The basic chords and chord substitution ideas are included.

Audio instructional CD with printed C6 pedal steel tablature.

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