Straight, No Chaser by Jim Loessberg

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"Straight, No Chaser" is a jazz standard composed by Thelonious Monk. It was first recorded on Monk's Blue Note Sessions in 1951. It has been recorded numerous times by Monk and others and is one of Monk's most covered songs.

Music educator Mark C. Gridley wrote about Monk's composition style: "Monk employed simple compositional devices with very original results. His 'Straight, No Chaser' involves basically only one idea played again and again, each time in a different part of the measure and with a different ending."

This is a medium-to-up-tempo bebop jazz tune. Jim Loessberg teaches two complete solos as well as the basic chords.  The audio CD course by Jim Loessberg includes printed tab for C6th pedal steel.

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