Joaquin Murphey

Hawaii Forever on CD by Joaquin Murphey

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Joaquin Murphey - Hawaii Forever on Compact Disc (CD)

Joaquin Murphey plays original pedal steel guitar instruments in the Hawaiian style. Released on cassette in 1972, little else is known about these recordings. We've been told that no LP/vinyl was ever produced, and the master tapes have been lost. This CD was mastered from the retail cassette tape (pictured below - not included). The song titles appear to be Hawaiian words randomly strung together. If you know anything else about the original cassette, please contact us at


  1. Hoo Manawa Nui
  2. Hawaii Manawa Pu'a
  3. Mai Kai Omole, Iny Kakou
  4. Me Ka Mahalo
  5. Ka'u
  6. Pupule Ka Moa
  7. Kahiko
  8. Aole Pilikia
  9. Hawaii Hana Hou
  10. Pikaki
  11. Hoo Mali Mali
  12. Lapu'wale
  13. Welakahoa



CD mastered from this tape (example - not included)


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